The Insight Subluxation Station was developed by the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance (CLA) and certified by the Space Foundation in order to provide a reliable, valid, and effective tool to assess the function of the nervous system and its ability to adapt. The Insight uses a combination of tools such as thermal scanning, sEMG, and a pulse wave profiler to provide a detailed representation of the way your nervous system is functioning.

The following information will breakdown the purposes of each tool utilized within the Insight Subluxation Station:

  1. Thermal scanning is used to assess temperature variability along the spine.  Temperature is used as an indicator for where stress is building up in your body and how it may be affecting the function of your organs, glands, and blood vessels.

  2. sEMG (surface EMG) is used to assess the function of the muscles directly related to the movement of your spine via the nerves that run through them. This test focuses on assessing the amount of energy needed to maintain your posture, as well as how the energy is distributed throughout your body.

  3. The Pulse Wave Profiler (or Heart Rate Variability) is used to assess your ability to adapt to the environment around you. For example, is your body caught in “fight or flight” due to emotional stressors, poor diet choices, or improper exercise routine? Or is your body better able to adapt? With this tool we are able to take a deeper look at how well your body is functioning.

Together, the three tools formulate your COREscore. The COREscore rates the overall stress on your nervous system, and provides a simple measure in the form of a number ranging between 0-100. The higher the number reported, the better! 

Digital X-Rays may also be taken in our office to allow Dr. Brittney to get a detailed look at your spine’s structure and condition!

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